So since we are coming up to tan election year and I just recently read a article speaking on politics and how social media is having a very big influence on this particular subject iv’e chosen to blog about it. Recently we had a assignment due and it was to critique a research paper and by this this was the most interesting read of the semester thus far. During my time spent reading this article I found that in all reality the use in social media in politics is vastly in growing that Obama even has a Instagram. Just this little sliver ove social media into the Presidents everyday life has sparked a vast uprising of people wanting to follow the president and just get involved and know whats going on in general. I also found that yes the whole idea of agenda setting with in the political process has changed vastly due to the rise of better internet and social media. Stating back to an example back in the day with the fireside chats this was just the beginning to what has sparked in our nation today. I have inserted the link to the scholarly article here! Social Media and politics