I can definitely say that this class has truly helped me become way more efficient with professional social media. It has showed me a lot of nice tips and tricks to keep a professional social media going as well. Iv’e also learned a lot of new teaching tools that I will be sure to incorporate in my future career in that they will help me and my students learn from each other. A number of the different tools that we learned about in this class are very key instruments to getting certain tasks done so i am very glad and fortunate that I had the opportunity to learn. The teaching tools are going to be great in perfecting my craft of teaching and i feel that they will bring a new fun spin into the classroom not just the general classroom setting. Dr. Wakefield did a great job in providing us with the essentials then letting us go through the process on our own and create our very own masterpieces. The link i chose to insert deals with me as being a teacher how i can go about implementing social media into the classroom as a learning tool. social media learning tool