During my time in this English course I have learned a lot of very interesting ideas to help me in my future profession that I would have not known existed had it not been for this class. There are multiple websites and just other teaching mechanisms that I will take from this class and incorporate into my own teaching methods. I loved for example all of the different websites where you could go and make the games for your students to play. Different learning mechanisms like that is going to bring a new spin  to teaching and learning into my classroom. This whole idea of starting a blog is another great example of an idea you can bring into the classroom to help your students want to learn more. You could start a classroom blog and just document everything the class does over a school year and let the kids help you with the editing . I also enjoyed learning about all the other different presentation sites a lot of them which i would have never known about had it not been for this course. These will help me with showing my students different ways of presenting and by not just using Microsoft powerpoint  but, getting more interactive and using google presentation or my favorite Prezi. Heres a nice article about social media in the clasroom. Please Read! social media inside the classroom