So next fall I will begin my journey to becoming a teacher. I will be starting my student teaching and I am very excited to actually be able to get into a real classroom and help these students become all they can be. Like I said before I never in a million years thought I would pursue teaching but, its just one of those things I am very proud about. I will be in a 5th grade social studies class and I am ready to prepare lesson plans and do everything that comes with this profession. I can definitely say that I feel i am prepared and ready to take on this task. I am also getting to teach my preferred subject so it makes the temptation to want to teach and make sure the students grasp the concept even more desirable. I do not know what the future holds for me but, I do hope it brings great things for me and the students that I inspire in the process. How can Student teaching benefit the student. I have attached this nice article on the topic of student teaching please read.