I was recently reading an article and it stated that substitute school teachers are on a rise and I thought to myself why was this. They say this is because it is easier to become a substitute teacher rather than getting certified to become a real teacher. This may be true, but coming up I encountered a lot of substitute teachers who were just retired from regular teaching or some who were just waiting to take the exam. So to say that all people are becoming substitute teachers for the sake that they are lazy and don’t want to put the work in isn’t right and should be changed. Even though during my years in school I have had some terrible substitute teachers I never really looked at it as in being lazy just due to the fact that everyone has to have a job its not easy sitting in a classroom filled with teenagers all day who are at times disrespectful and don’t listen. This would take a toll on any individual so I applaud all teachers substitute actual teacher. Subs on the rise