As I tweeted my last professional twitter account I came to the conclusion that I really enjoyed this part of the class. This assignment brought about a part of myself I never knew was there. Even though the assignment is over I still want to continue with my tweets and postings on my professional twitter page. Working on this page I found that I actually will have my students do the same exact thing at the beginning of the school year pertaining to the class they are in and incorporate twitter into the class. As in tweet each other on various topics as well as send me various tweets in the hope that it will help them become technology fluent in this technology run world that we are living in now. This experiment would be strictly school oriented only and as I have found out now that most schools provide the students with personal laptops now so this should not be a problem. I honestly feel that becoming more productive with these online tools help prepare the students for the real world and I would love to be a  part of that. Social media in the workplace