I started a pre med major at East Texas Baptist University I had always wanted to become a doctor and for some reason that started to change as I started volunteering more and more for the little league football team that I coach along with the middle school I volunteered for at the time. I had always played sports and had people helping me along the way so when I started to coach and help teach these students I felt that sense of wanting to give back. Of course people told me teachers don’t make that much money but, I honestly felt it wasn’t for the money it was to be able to look that child in the eyes and they  always remember you and you feel the sense that you helped them in some way become better. Now that I have come further along in my journey to becoming a teacher I feel as if I made the right decision in that I know one day I will bring about change and good  in multiple students and that is what’s going to make my job ten times more enjoyable. The love of teaching